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Trendy Places tells you about the most Trendy Places for your next trip! Places like hotels, bars, shops, nightclubs and restaurants. Check photos and reviews posted by travellers like you!

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About Trendy Places:

So many city guides in print or on the World Wide Web promise to bring you to unique venues around the globe. But how many of them really bring you to the nicest and most Trendy Places? Only to the most Trendy Places? How many of these city guides provide you with uncensored reviews and with photos made by visitors only?

We at believe to have found the solution for you. makes use of reviews and photos provided by over 15 million people using the tool This leading location based tool has seen over 1,5 billion visits (check-ins) to all sorts of venues. Numbers are still growing every single day with millions of people discovering new places and visiting their favourite venues again and again. They provide with valuable reviews and user made photos. Out of this enormous number of venues visited by the community, selects the most trendy venues only. We call them Trendy Places. Places that listen to words like "cool, "design", "urban" etc etc. We are very happy to present our selection of Trendy Places to you and we do hope it helps you discover unique hotspots in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, New York City and Paris (more to come soon).

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